Secrets behind long lasting love

I often heard people said, you know I think we clicked. We have the same interest, same habits , it’s like we are born to be together. ( Ok , I know this is a bit too much ). Some people said there’s no such thing as love in first sight but some people do believe on it .

So how does all of this happened ? how does the love chemistry happen ? why would you have some feelings to a person ? but doesn’t have it on the other ? And often relationship started based on chemistry.

When you have chemistry with someone you just feel it. Like the heart beats increase, hands started to sweat , blushing on your face. Wondering if you should go and talk to the person or should you approach that person first.

There are so many reasons that would cause a chemistry to happen. Do you know what are those reasons? I mean key elements

There are : Physical, financial and mental.

Physical, where you are attracted to a person’s appearance, looks. You think he/she is hot or sexy or you just somehow feel that he/she is handsome or gorgeous . You know the six packs , muscular body, nice ass, moustache (ok, maybe not moustache) kind of stuff.

Financial, you are attracted to his/her financial status. What he/she had, what they own or have achieve in their life. For example, the house that they own, the cars , the phones, the company. Also the person’s position in a company, a manager, superior, senior , super-senior ( ok, no such thing as super senior. I’ll stop to mess around )

Mental, you are attracted to their mind, the way they think. The way they see the world. Their perception. Their incredible mind that makes you feel like how could someone possibly think of this ? how could someone this smart and positive and seems fearless. Look at this person that had it all figure out in their life.

So up to this point, looking back on your previous crush or relationship. Any of these traits make sense to you ? Usually, what makes you wants to get to know more about a person ? What makes you have this butterfly feelings on a person ?

By just having chemistry , it’s not gonna make a relationship last. There are two other key elements that make a relationship last long where we called it compatibility. What’s compatibility ?

There are emotional, spiritual.

Emotional. You are attracted to that person because that person is very caring, compassionate and being supported . You like the way they show their care, the way they communicate with you makes you feel emotionally supported. You feel like they understand you emotionally and they understand you.

Spiritual. You are connected to the person based on his/her value, what they live by. Human change and evolve everyday but most of our values doesn’t alter as that’s what we believe in and held on. They are fundamentals on who we are. Sharing same values is like both sharing the same core things in life. Like the importance of trust, communications, family , religious and others.



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Yeu Lind Yeo

Yeu Lind Yeo


Coding is an art and I’m an artist 😎. Web developer at day, dreamer at night. Curiosity kills a cat and luckily I’m not a cat. 🐶